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Date: Fri Jan 28 2011 - 04:42:29 CST

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    On Thursday 27 January 2011, Doug Ewell <> wrote:
    > Why don't you write a proper document describing this proposed system, including a starter list of sentences that would be appropriate for such a system -- a few thousand non-repetitive sentences ought to be a good start, given the expressiveness of human discourse -- and solicit (and accept) feedback, rather than asking the UTC to hold a Public Review without a base document.  Be sure to include rationales for why you feel localizable sentences constitute "characters" in the Unicode sense (or why a character encoding needs no such requirement), and why you feel this unproven and unadopted system qualifies for permanent, worldwide standardization.
    The reason is that the key to the success of the idea is that there be a willingness by the Unicode Technical Committee to encode localizable sentences in regular Unicode, so if a Public Review were held, then the the Unicode Technical Committee would have opinions from those people that responded to the Public Review to help them make their decision, whatever that decision might be.
    I feel that your implied suggestion of having a base document is a good one. However, I feel that the base document should be about one or two pages only, because I am thinking that the issue for the Public Review would be whether localizable sentences should be encoded in Unicode at all rather than a particular set of sentences. The base document would need to contain some example sentences.
    I hope that a Public Review on the issue would mean that many people would think about the possibilities and then write to the Unicode Technical Committee with their opinions on the matter.
    I have already thought of various applications for the idea, from some aspects of making purchases by email to seeking help and information and directions in a foreign country to broadcasting weather forecasts across Europe. Hopefully a Public Review would produce more ideas for using localizable sentences.
    I shall try to think further on the other matters that you suggest should be in the base document.
    William Overington
    28 January 2011

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