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Date: Tue Feb 22 2011 - 04:50:13 CST

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    On Monday 21 February 2011, Philippe Verdy <> wrote:

    > Anyway, this list is not the place for posting implemntation code
    Well, why not? It was in an attachment.
    I feel that Mr Cropley is to be congratulated on presenting his ideas and for providing readers with something substantial to look through.
    Congratulations to Mr Cropley.
    I feel that I do not know enough about compression methods to comment on what I have read so far, yet I am reading it with interest.
    I am writing here so that there is not just criticism over posting the code in the thread.
    The attachments to Mr Cropley's post were relatively small. However, an issue that could usefully be considered is whether there could be a facility whereby a person could, rather than post an attachment to the mailing list, that he or she could refer to an attachment in his or her post as "attached in the archive" yet not attach it to his or her post yet send it in an email to the Moderator by a direct email so that the Moderator could attach it to the post in the archive. In that way the attachment would be readily available to anyone who wanted it, would be archived in the archives of the mailing list yet would not have been sent attached to many emails. Such a facility would be particularly useful for large attachments that a person would like to make available and be archived in the archives of the mailing list, yet does not feel that it would be correct to attach to an email sent to everybody.
    William Overington
    22 February 2011

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