Re: Encoding of invented items (from RE: Assigning a plane for mapping digits for many different bases)

From: Luke-Jr (
Date: Thu Mar 10 2011 - 08:29:52 CST

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    On Thursday, March 10, 2011 4:22:47 am William_J_G Overington wrote:
    > So what is wrong with someone applying for an invented character to be
    > encoded so that it becomes available for other people to use within the
    > framework of regular Unicode?

    While I agree that in this day and age, characters NOT being in Unicode is
    itself a huge barrier to widespread adoption, I also feel the ConScript
    Unicode Registry ( ) could be a
    reasonable middle-ground. The problem is that it seems to no longer be
    maintained-- last update back in 2008, and still missing any mention of the
    proposed Tonal encoding I submitted about 4 months ago using the E9D0-E9EF
    range. Maybe it's time for someone new to step up to maintaining it?

    However, since all the characters used for dozenal today are already encoded
    somewhere, it seems inappropriate to encode them elsewhere. I can see the
    logic behind using a unified character point for gek and el such that fonts
    can choose to represent it the American way, or the British way, but at the
    same time, all the decimal numbers have multiple encodings for different forms
    of writing them. It would seem the "appropriate" path would be to simply
    design software libraries to accept either character in numbers (similar to
    how all Tonal software should accept a decimal '9' in place of U+E9D9, since
    they look similar and keyboards might only have one of the alternatives).
    That being said, you might still want a CSUR proposal for historical symbols
    such as the obsolete ones you linked in that book. Perhaps there are other new
    symbols invented for Dozenal (I seem to recall a 'd' and 'z' with a diagonal
    line through it, to signify decimal or dozenal notification).


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