Kaida writing proposal: first draft

From: Mark Rosa (ll077003@mail.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
Date: Sun Mar 20 2011 - 05:50:19 CST

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    Hi, everybody, and sorry to have kept you waiting on the kaida writing proposal!

    The Sendai earthquake has disrupted a lot of things here in Japan, and my university library is closed until the week after next at the earliest. So I decided to put up an unfinished draft of my proposal even though I haven't had a chance to revisit some of the 19th-century books that I'd like to quote from (and scan images from).

    I saved the draft at:


    (Click on the 'download this file' gray icon and don't be deceived by the music-converter green icon, which is an advertisement.)

    You should get a PDF of about 11.9 MB.

    You might also want the latest version of the font (though you don't need it if you just want to read the PDF):


    There are a few small errors that I already know need to be corrected: for some reason the kaida character for 'noodles' didn't display; I left both YAEYAMA and KAIDA in the character names since it hasn't been decided which one to use; also, I still have 'IDEOGRAPH' and 'UNIT' even though UNIT isn't used in character names; I'm open to suggestions about what they should be. Maybe PICTOGRAPH for pictographs of physical objects, IDEOGRAPH for others including units of weight and volume, and NUMERAL for numerals?

    Experienced proposers, please have a look and let me know what you think!

    (And if you can spare some money or goods for people who've lost their homes in the quake, please do! Even in Tokyo we're still enduring shortages, though not as bad as the media might have you believe. Up north there are thousands of people sleeping in gymnasiums; construction of temporary housing is only just beginning.)

    Mark Rosa

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