Re: n4013 Proposal to encode additional Runic characters in the UCS [was: Three modest proposals]

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun Apr 03 2011 - 18:42:57 CDT

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    On 4 Apr 2011, at 00:17, Andrew West wrote:

    > In contrast, it is likely that Tolkien's boxed d-rune is intended for word-final use, in which case the correct glyph form can be predictively applied by the OpenType tables in the font.

    In the Ferrer letter we find numerous final -Ds which are not boxed, as in ROAD, GOOD, DETAILED, WOULD, ENIOYED, and AND. There is one semi-boxed final -D which is ligated in HONOUREÍ¡D. I don't see a pattern in the boxing.

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