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Date: Wed Apr 06 2011 - 17:03:29 CDT

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    Am Mittwoch, 6. April 2011 um 22:35 schrieb Mark Davis ☕:

    MD☕> Any unification of playing cards with tarot is simply a mistake.

    There are "tarot" cards which *are* playing cards, used for games
    like "Tarot" in France, "tarocco" in Italy, and "Tarock" in Austria.
    Depending on the regional rules, the packs sold contain either the
    full 78 card set (like in France or in Sicily), or some subsets
    (usually lacking some of the number cards). Other well-known subsets
    and variants are the American Poker cards (lacking the 22 trumps and
    the knights, adding 2 Jokers), the Rommé cards (also lacking the trumps,
    adding 3 jokers with different design and/or symbolism), or the German Skat
    cards (lacking the 22 trumps, the knights [or the queens in regional
    variants instead], and all number cards from 2 to 6). shows the Austrian Tarock
    subset, containing the 22 trumps, all four courts, but lacking different
    number cards for different suits.

    Thus, our proposal completes this set of *playing cards*, which
    already goes beyond the "poker" subset.
    It should be noted that the Austrian cards (see the link above) and
    the French cards (shown in the proposal) have the same symbolism for
    the suits (spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs) for the suits. Thus, they
    are parts of the same base playing card set, independently of an
    unification with "equivalent" suits used in other areas (like
    swords/cups/pentacles/wands or leaves/hearts/bells/acorns), or of an
    unification with other use (esoteric/divination instead of playing).

    In some regions, the 22 trumps show the symbolism known from the
    esoteric Tarot cards, in other regions they do not (showing arbitrary
    scenes instead, predominantly historical or rural, or according to
    special themes in collector's editions).
    (See e.g. ).
    In our current proposal, this is reflected in the naming
    game cards "PLAYING CARD TRUMP-1" and so on, without reference to the
    symbolism prevalent especially in south European regions (which,
    due to the historical connection, resembles the esoteric tarot symbolism).

    Having said this, our proposal would in no means be invalidated by any
    decision to not apply the mentioned unifications, even if not any proposals
    for separate encoding of the esoteric Tarot (which may contain directional
    variants like the Dominoes, as these are "important" in divination),
    or of the other regionally used suits (acorns, ...) are made or accepted
    at all.

    - Karl

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