Re: Three modest proposals

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Wed Apr 06 2011 - 18:00:31 CDT

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    On 4/6/2011 3:24 PM, Peter Constable wrote:
    > From: [] On Behalf Of Asmus Freytag
    >> Beyond the overzealous unification with Tarot, I'm not sure the unification across
    >> local variations of the cards holds up to scrutiny. I would want to see working
    >> implementations that correctly show the local variations without fail, before
    >> believing in this aspect of the unification.
    > Can we please start by asking for any existing evidence of these being used _as characters_?

    Ask away.

    I've been asking the same thing:

    > Before using the existing set as a precedent for adding additional
    > characters, it would make a lot of sense to sit back and find out what
    > the actual user experience has been with these already encoded
    > characters. Now that they exist, it should be possible to search for
    > evidence of actual (and non-contrived) usage of these characters in
    > plain text.

    So, let's hear for citations of these (and other game symbols) in actual
    plain text (or at least used as characters).


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