Re: On the possibility of encoding some localizable sentences in plane 7

From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Fri Apr 08 2011 - 22:24:29 CDT

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    I seem to recall that something akin to William's "Localizeable
    Sentances" was encoded by the telegraph section of the Indian Post

    In Post Offices throughout India they had (and may still have) a list
    of indexed sentences ranging from things like "Best Wishes for
    Diwali" to "Father on his death bed, come immediately". These
    messages could be sent by the telegraph operator in a few short morse
    code characters simply indicating the sequence on the list and the
    Indian language in which the message was to be delivered. The sender
    was only charged for the few characters necessary to send the

    This system was used for many years by millions of people throughout India.

    Now if William could demonstrate a need for round-trip compatibility
    with this Indian Post Office encoding scheme he might have a start on
    his Localizable Sentences.

    - Chris

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