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Date: Fri Apr 15 2011 - 11:25:24 CDT

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    Unicode and ISO 10646 are for coding of _characters_. Characters are elements of text. Not every graphic symbol that is given semantic significance in some usage context is a candidate for encoding as a character. If evidence can be provided of usage as characters in text, then symbols can be proposed for encoding by the Unicode Technical Committee or JTC1/SC2/WG2.

    Other bodies such as JTC1/SC35 work on standardizing symbol sets (though not encoding of symbols as characters). Perhaps what you're looking for would be more appropriately accommodated by such bodies?

    I don't see how this relates in any way to ISO TC 37.


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    Dear NSAI (Ian, Gay) (cc: fellow members of NSAI-ISOTC37-L).

    I recently sent the following query to the Unicode list, but only received a spate of private (off-list) responses to date to it, especially from people who have encountered the same problem in Ireland and elsewhere.

    Does NSAI have a checklist of symbols circulating in its jurisdiction (wherever generated)? Although Ireland has no vote in re Unicode, per se, we do have a vote in re ISO/IEC 10646 (virtually the same thing as far as actual practice in industrial circles goes), but there is such an acute need for access to a standardized set of symbols used on domestic appliances, including imports (a composite list of symbols used on the various imported domestic appliances used in Ireland, if no standardized list exists).

    Le dea-mhéin,

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    >Is there a block in Unicode containing symbols used on domestic
    >appliances? Having purchase a German cooker with such symbols printed
    >on it but no leaflet to explain them in any language, I have to ask.
    >Somehow, I assumed there was such a block, similar to safety symbols to
    >which category they might relate.

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