Re: Slots for Cyrillic Accented Vowels

From: Plamen Tanovski (
Date: Wed May 18 2011 - 15:11:22 CDT

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    On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 10:25:09AM -0700, Doug Ewell wrote:

    > Text editing and processing with combining marks is not "very difficult
    > and erroneous." The one use case that Plamen mentioned (a user manually
    > deleting a base letter) is easily trained. Unicode has been around with
    > this architecture for 20 years now.

    Yes, and every once in a while someone complains about the big pain
    with the cyrillic accented vowels ...
    > There are plenty of fonts that support Cyrillic base letters with
    > combining marks. There are plenty that don't, especially older fonts,
    > but on no account is it 99%.

    Well, just putting an accent over a letter isn't that difficult. But
    it is not the fine art.

    I've just tested some "standard" fonts, see the attachment or get the
    pdf here:

    It was made with OpenOffice (WordPad produces the same picture) on
    WinXP. The first letter is the combined cyrillic vowel, the second is
    Aacute. Do you see the difference? One font can't even display
    properly the digraph! On Linux, it looks similar too.

    Still, thanks to all, who replied. I've learned a lot.

    best regards

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