Lao Script Block - Missing Letters

From: Vinodh Rajan (
Date: Sun May 29 2011 - 13:37:35 CDT

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    HI All,

    I was going through the Pali Tripitaka in various scripts here:

    When, I selected Lao Script. I could see characters which were not present
    in the present Lao Script block.

    One specific example would be :

    Lao Script : [image: lao_brahmano.JPG]

    Thai Script : [image: thai_brahmano.JPG]

    Devanagari Script : [image: dev_brahmano.JPG]

    Roman Script : [image: roman_brahmano.JPG]

    The Lao equivalent of the Thai Phinthu (Virama) is not encoded. Neither is
    the Lao equivalent of the Indic NNA. I couldn't find both the characters in
    the Lao code Chart :

    (There are several other Characters which I couldn't locate in the Lao code
    chart )

    Given that Lao entered the UCS at a very early date,

    Are these characters currently not encoded in Lao ? or are they considered
    variants of any of the already encoded characters ?





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