Re: Could you build a linux distro?

From: Krishna Birth (
Date: Sun Jun 05 2011 - 17:42:29 CDT

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    On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 7:41 PM, Krishna Birth <> wrote:
    > I want a linux distro. Could you tweek an existing distro e.g. Ubunto or
    > Fedora?
    > Please tell me if I wanted a logo installed, put fonts, remove other fonts
    > at console/terminal, verbose, gui, apps and perhaps put a keyboard app,
    > startup browser with specific website, what would you charge for live or
    > install distro and also for regular maintenance?
    > Best,
    > Meeku

    Press Release

    “onlliinnee” is meant to be an opensource foss operating system. It
    is meant to be free os and a linux based distro. What is meant to be
    different and planned about onlliinnee is: only unique fonts,
    software, development, a specific website home page on the browser,
    startup screen connects to video website/s, related with model
    railroad / railway, diecasting and ‘automation over internet protocol’
    (AOIP) especially Rail Model AOIP (RMAOIP) and is for Srila
    Prabhupada: the always on eternal spiritual initiating and education
    guru. Regarding any questions about this, send message to: (after joining

    copyright 2011 onlliinnee. all rights reserved worldwide.

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