Re: Dingbat Arrows for RTL?

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Mon Jun 06 2011 - 11:55:53 CDT

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    On 6/6/2011 1:30 AM, fantasai wrote:
    > I'm looking at the Dingbat Arrows set and noticing that they're all
    > pointing left.
    > I suppose the reason there aren't any other directions is because
    > they're intended
    > for bullets, but in that case shouldn't they be bidi-mirrored?
    > ~fantasai

    The bidi-mirrored property for all arrows is set to not mirrored
    consistently. That should not be changed. Any change of bidi_mirrored
    property creates a problem that implementation behavior is no longer
    predictable - whereas predictability is the main reason for having this
    property. (Not to long ago an attempt to fix an oversight in the
    handling of some paired punctuation characters caused great stir,
    because of that issue).

    If the other orientation is needed for bidi, a proposal needs to be
    submitted to add a set of corresponding RTL arrows. The justification
    for adding the new characters would have to be based on consistent bidi
    usage. (In my personal view, the need to encode these follows directly
    from their bidi-mirrored property combined with the directionality
    implied by the arrow shape).

    There is a precedent for that, as the same was done for certain
    mathematical arrows that by convention are used in one direction only.


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