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    IPA is not a language; it is a writing convention. The language of a text is a separate matter. If, for example, you have an IPA transcription of (say) Thai-language utterances, then a tag that identifies both the language as being Thai and the written form as being IPA would be "th-Latn-fonipa".


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    I agree. I made the argument for making IPA so (many years ago), so I cannot but agree with you.

    Scrobh 08/06/2011 12:21, Otto Stolz:
    > ...If IPA characters cannot be dis-unified from Latin, and Greek,
    > characters, eventually the text-processing, and the rendering,
    > software should solve the problem via language data, as outlined
    > above; i. e., IPA should be handled as a ‘language’, in its own right.
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