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Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 22:59:37 +0100

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Peter Constable <> wrote:

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> > * In the C’HWERTY layout on Linux, the digraph and trigraph had to
> > be replaced by six PUA characters
> That would appear to be a limitation of the input method.

It is indeed a limitation of X. I get round it on Ubuntu by using
IBus and KMFL (Keyman for Linux), which then allows me to use dead keys
for sequences, something which is (or used to be) beyond MSKLC.

> > * Since those two letters must be encoded in 2 or 3 characters,
> > with a monospace font, they are twice or 3 times larger than the
> > other letters.
> >
> > To solve this last problem, would it be possible to make a font in
> > which c ZWJ h would be displayed as a new glyph?
> That is certainly possible.

However, what you probably need is a 'monospace' font where c h is
displayed as a ligature and c CGJ h is not! Incidentally, you can even
use KMFL to generate c CGJ h for the 2-key sequence c h.

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