RE: ch ligature in a monospace font

From: Peter Constable <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 03:49:42 +0000

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> * In the C’HWERTY layout on Linux, the digraph and trigraph had to be replaced
> by six PUA characters

That would appear to be a limitation of the input method. In principle, there's no reason why input methods could not be created that generate character sequences from a single keystroke. (E.g., this is certainly possible on Windows in layouts built using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator or other similar tools.)

> * Since those two letters must be encoded in 2 or 3 characters, with a monospace
> font, they are twice or 3 times larger than the other letters.
> To solve this last problem, would it be possible to make a font in which c ZWJ h would
> be displayed as a new glyph?

That is certainly possible.

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