Re: Quick survey of Apple symbol fonts (in context of the Wingding/Webding proposal)

From: Andrew West <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 14:08:36 +0100

On 15 July 2011 13:40, Michael Everson <> wrote:
> I think that having encoded symbols for control characters (which we
> already have for some of them) is no bad thing, and the argument
> about "too many characters" is not compelling, as there are only some
> dozens of these characters encoded, not thousands and thousands or
> anything.

I oppose encoding graphic clones of non-graphic characters on
principle, not because of how many there are. Nevertheless, there are
potentially a large number of characters for which people may wish to
have visible clones encoded: the 97 tag characters are format
characters, and may not be displayed under some systems (e.g. Windows
7); and although the 256 variation selector characters are non-spacing
marks rather than format characters, some systems won't display them
even if the font has visible glyphs mapped to the characters, so there
is an argument to encode visible clones of tag and vs characters so
that people can discuss their use in plain text. I am not convinced
by such arguments.

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