Re: Prepending vowel exception in Lontara/Buginese script ?

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 03:45:37 +0200

2011/7/26 Ngwe Tun <>:
> Dear Phillipe,
> Burmese was not still support in Windows 7. Hope, we will get burmese
> support in Windows 8. We are getting Burmese/Myanmar support in AAT and
> language support in Lion.
> For the opentype, you can try with tricks for Buginese. Reordering will work
> in Uniscribe itself. So. We tried with GSUB features. rlig or liga features
> support substitute features of glyph. Here is the trick;
> C = Consonant, E= Vowel, M=Medial
> 1) CE => ECE => EC
> 2) CME = CEM => ECEM => ECM

The second rule would be incorrect for Buginese, because it has
absolutely NO medial consonnant (it has no virama currently encoded,
so all consonnants have at least the inherent vowel a).

This means that this script cannot represent geminated consonnants, or
final consonants as well (they are traditionnaly not written at all,
unless another diacritic is introduced to mark those vowel-less

The only consonnant clusters supported are the prenasalized
consonnants. These prenasalized consonnants were probably initially
ligatures of pairs of consonnants (this is visible in the sort order:
those prenasalized consonnants are sorted immediately after the
associated nasal consonnant), but they are now considered (and encoded
in the UCS) as distinct letters.

-- Philippe.
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