Re: Proposed new characters updated in Pipeline Table

From: mmarx <>
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 04:31:48 +0200

>> I attach a Garshuni document from
>> Beit al-Qammar showing Arab vowel
>> marks -- just as the Syriac communmties
>> are using Syriac vowel marks in Arabic
>> script text -- and (in the second line
>> on the left) wasla above olaph.
>> So whatever the status of wasla mark
>> will be fore Arabic, for Syriac/Garshuni
>> it is need as a normal mark in normal text.

> Unicode cannot encode a combining Wasla (because of various stability
> policies), so if Syriac needs a Wasla to be shown only over a letter
> or two, one needs to propose precomposed characters for them. Just
> like the existing Arabic Alef-Wasla.

> Roozbeh

While I am at it:
should Unicode acknowledge that U+0730,
U+0733, U+0736, U+073A and U+073D
are used with the ARAB script or does
this lie outside its competence and

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