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From: Peter Constable <>
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 16:58:51 +0000

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> While I am at it:
> should Unicode acknowledge that U+0730, U+0733, U+0736, U+073A
> and U+073D are used with the ARAB script or does this lie outside its
> competence and jurisdiction?

Unicode has character properties declaring script associations for characters. Currently, all of those characters have a Script property of "Syriac". If characters are known to be used in multiple scripts, they generally should have a Script property of "Common"; there is also a provisional data file called ScriptExtensions that can be used to provide more information about Script = Common characters (e.g., the character is used for Syriac and Arabic scripts, but not generally _any_ script).

Properties for the characters you mention could be changed. That will not happen unless a document is submitted to UTC that outlines the specific changes proposes and provides rationale for making those changes. The rationale should provide evidence in terms of existing usage scenarios and should also consider any potential issues that may arise for existing implementations (if applicable). The information should also be adequate for making changes in the Arabic and Syriac block descriptions in the text of the Standard so that implementers have a chance of learning about the scenarios and requirements; the proposal document could include draft text for insertion in the block descriptions.

Submitting a doc to UTC is a basic requirement. The issue also needs to make it onto the agenda of a UTC meeting, and it helps to have a champion to make sure that happens and that can be available to discuss the issue with the UTC. These things are much easier if you are a member of the consortium (cost is as little as $35/yr for students).

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