Re: Proposed new characters updated in Pipeline Table

From: mmarx <>
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 19:56:57 +0200

> Apparently mmarx sent 2 messages that were CCed to the Unicode list, not
> sent to it. The first was 598k and too large for the list. Ergo, the
> beginning of this discussion didn't go to the list.
> Rick

Thanks for informing the list and me about this.

I cut the picture. It's an Arab poem written
in Syria script, and largely following the
Arab orthography, hence on the olaph (alef)
there is a wasla.

The second picture (the second half of the
same verse [pictures are overlapping] shows
lots of Arab marks in the Syriac script text.

Garshuni text are mostly from the 16th to 19th
century (but starting much earlier and still
being written). At the time many Syriac
Christians -- although speaking and writing
Arabic -- felt the Arabic script to be
somewhat too Muslim.


garshuni_arabMarks.jpg gashuni_wasla.jpg
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