From: Shriramana Sharma <>
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2011 22:24:49 +0530

On 08/19/2011 10:05 PM, Mark Davis ☕ wrote:
> All of the property assignments to PUA characters (except the GC) are purely
> informative. The property assignments that are there are simply based on the
> likelyhood of property assignment, and can be freely overridden by
> implementations.

Glad to hear this.

> It is just more likely that PUA characters are bc:L than
> that they are bc:ON or bc:R.
> Similarly, there are no numeric values for any of the PUA characters: that
> doesn't prevent anyone from assigning PUA characters to numbers and giving
> them numeric values (and types). Nor is someone prevented from given them
> Word_Break properties, etc.
> While this is stated in the standard, we should probably also note it in the
> UCD annex:

Actually, as I noted in another mail, TUS sec 16.5 should also be more
explicit about this by saying, in the place of:

"default properties which implementations can use"

the following:

"default properties which implementations can use or override if necessary"

If you advise, I can submit this officially in the feedback form so it
finds its way to the editorial board...

Shriramana Sharma
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