Re: Continue: Glaring mistake in the code list for South AsianScript//Reply to Kent Karlsson

From: Doug Ewell <>
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2011 19:16:36 +0000

Languages and scripts are indeed related, but encoding characters or scripts is not the same thing as encoding languages. The phrase "text data in any language" does not contradict or change this.

CLDR is indeed a project run by the Unicode Consortium, but that project is not related to, and does not influence, the naming of characters or blocks in the Unicode Standard.

Your concern seems to be about the names given to characters and scripts, not to their usability, which at least is a good thing.

If you are still insistent that only the characters used to write the Bengali language may have a name that includes the word "Bengali," please re-read and respond to the point I and others have tried to make about "Latin." Most of the letters with names like "LATIN LETTER ___" are *not* used to write the Latin language. There is no "English letter this," "French letter that," and so on. This is simply not a problem.

Doug Ewell
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