Re: ligature usage - WAS: How do we find out what assigned code points aren't normally used in text?

From: Christoph Pper <>
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 15:38:47 +0200

Szelp A. Szabolcs:

> Even if Dorfladen is not ambigous, it could be disturbing

‹Dorfladen› and ‹Auflage› certainly are disturbing.

For the current German orthography, smart fonts should rather sport ligatures for double consonants, especially when followed by a third one of their kind in compounds, i.e. in ‹Stickstoffflasche› it doesn’t matter much whether the first ‹ff›, ‹fl› or both are ligated, but not all three ‹f› should look the exact same.
Also digraph (esp. ‹ch›), trigraph (‹sch›) and diphthong (e.g. ‹au›) ligatures should be fine from a readability perspective, maybe advisable even.

ZWJ or ZWNJ should become easier to input on standard keyboard layouts, not only in the German one.

Anyhow, this hardly seems relevant still for the Unicode discussion list.
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