Re: Unihan data for U+2B5B8 error

From: Andrew West <>
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 11:14:25 +0100

On 19 October 2011 10:43, shi zhao <> wrote:
> The page said kTraditionalVariant of U+2B5B8 is U+9858 願.

which is correct.

> ) said U+2B5B8 𫖸 is kSimplifiedVariant of U+9858 願, U+613F 愿 is
> kSemanticVariant, but 愿 is simplified of 願, not U+2B5B8 𫖸.

which I agree is not correct. It's not always clear how asymmetrical
cases like this should be handled. For U+9918 餘, which is analagous,
with a common simplified form U+4F59 余 and an alternate simplified
form U+9980 馀, the Unihan database lists them both as simplified
variants of U+9918:

U+9918 kSimplifiedVariant U+4F59 U+9980

On this precedent, I would expect:

U+9858 kSimplifiedVariant U+613F U+2B5B8

I suggest you report this issue on the Unicode Error Reporting form:


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