Re: [indic] Lack of Complex script rendering support on Android

From: Mahesh T. Pai <>
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2011 15:03:58 +0530

Philippe Verdy said on Sat, Nov 05, 2011 at 11:44:10PM +0100,:

> Sorry, for this update, my Samsung Galaxy SII (GT-I9100) runs Android
> 2.3.3 (Gengerbread) not 2.3.2 (Froyo). The kernel version was

Correction - Froyo is 2.2.X; 2.3 and above are Gingerbread.

> apparently compiled by my mobile phone reseller and network operator
> (to integrate additional apps), not by Samsung itself. This just
> confims that phone resellers can include/remove the modules they want
> from the kernel and other firmware builtin apps.

Welcome to strange world of marketing nomenclature. A "reseller" in
India is a guy / organisation / shop which buys a product in bulk
either from another trader or the manufacturer and sells it. The
carriers here do not sell phones. We buy phones from resellers. Then
we go to mobile carriers for a connection, or simply pull out the SIM
card from the old phone and put it in the new one. .

> One problem I have with that phone is that the Gmail application is
> prepackaged, but it cannot be uninstalled and cannot even be
> updated from the Application menu, even when using Andoid Market
> (the application is shown as "not installed" and is a very old
> one). And it contains severe bugs where messages get mysteriously
> lost, and IMAP folders get garbled. The alternative is to use the
> generic "email" application written by Samsung instead (which can
> be updated from the Market by installing an alternate version,
> something which is mysteriously restricted for the Gmail
> application from Google).

I guess this is a problem with the modifications done by your
carrier. Does not look like an Android issue. Just so happens that I
own a very low end Android device; and I am not speaking for Android
or google.

> apps/services to uninstall/disable if they cause troubles; it may
> appear that this is a bug in some builtin hardware device driver and
> in that case the firmware itself is the source of the trouble, and
> should be updatable).

You can update the firmware yourselves - go the custom ROM
way. (errr... I am afraid the carriers' representatives may do
something to me for advising this). :-D

You can continue to be with the existing carrier.

Look around. If all else fails, ask google - the search engine; not
the customer support. (what a paradox). There are ways to root and
de-root the phone for warranty purposes.

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