Re: editorial: definitively broken link on CLDR online tools to external "Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts"

From: Jukka K. Korpela <>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 10:07:41 +0200

11/10/2011 4:02 AM, Philippe Verdy wrote:

> The CLDR online tools include a footer that suggests finding Unicode
> fonts for Ancient scripts

Which tools and footer are you referring to? In the CLDR Survey Tool I can see the following footer:
“Kirjaudu sisään | Sivuston uusimmat muokkaukset | Käyttöehdot |
Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä | Tulosta sivu | Palvelun tarjoaa
which doesn’t seem to suggest anything about finding Unicode fonts.

(If someone takes my hint as saying that it is _not_ the correct way to
localize things to have a footer that depends on the browser’s language
preferences and not the language of the site, fine!)

And has a footer with just
“Unicode | Common Locale Data Repository | Report Problem in Tool”

But the disappearance of a site containing some rather interesting and
useful fonts is an important issue. And if the site is referred to in
some CLDR or Unicode material, some action is needed.

> from a web site ( which
> is no longer available. Now it redirects to a parking page without
> contents.

I now get a redirect to as before, then
“Unable to connect to remote host.” As the same happens with (but is up and running), I
wonder if the institute changed the practice for the URLs of the sites
of their students, or something.

> There's an archive of this page in the Google Cache,

The last copy was taken July 21 this year.
Unfortunately, their archive does not contain .zip files, so the fonts
themselves are missing there.

The fonts however may be available elsewhere, e.g. the nice Symbola font
that covers many characters missing from almost any other font at

> Can the online CLDR tools […] suppress this link "Unicode Fonts for Ancient
> Scripts" appearing at the bottom of pages

It would appear to be necessary to do something about such links, unless
some fix can be found fairly soon. Has anyone got connections with the
author, George Souros, or with the institute where the site was hosted?

> For example I can propose "Gallery of Unicode Fonts" on the WAZU JAPAN
> site ( as a complement to the existing "Large,
> multi-script Unicode fonts for Windows computers" on the Alan Wood's
> Unicode Reference site ( :

I agree that both of them are very useful resources.

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