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As a side effect of correspondence with Thierry Thomas and Paul Wise I provide evidence of third party non-trustable Wikipedia rumouring abuse against myself and others to avoid any misunderstanding.
James Kass
Evidence for following facts:
1 - instead of doing paid research, Lukas Pietsch edits Wikipedia, which is contract fraud

2 - Lukas Pietsch misquotes and misrepresents various things for pushing his personal view in Wikipedia

is copied ultimately from:

Hello everyone!

I believe it was about time I told everyone in the world about myself.
My name is Lukas Pietsch and I specialise in English Linguistics.
Instead of spending my time conducting research, I edit wikipedia
articles all day (sometimes even a hundred of them a day)! I am a
wikipedia administrator and I go by the user name Future Perfect at
Sunrise. I am very interested in Balkan politics, so I often argue
against the use of scholarly sources, misquote other people's work and
misrepresent historical facts in order to push my view in wikipedia.
That is so cool! I honestly feel that I should never have been born a
German as my heart trully lies with the former Yugoslav Republic of
Macedonia. I even find myself arguing that the ancient kingdom of
Macedonia was never Greek!

Here is a link to my facebook account in case you want to check out

Yours truthfully,
Lukas Pietsch

PS: Peace out to the suckers funding my research! I bet you had no
idea of how I've been using the time you've been paying me for!

PPS: I am including links to my university and wikipedia websites:
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