Re: ISO 15924 update

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 12:43:46 +0100

Why wasn't there a property allias added for "Sindhi" too ?

For now there's none, so we still have to use the code "Sind", or
display one of the names displayed in the name column (just like with
the code "Takr" for "Takri, Ṭākrī, Ṭāṅkrī", for which you added the
property value alias "Takrit"; or with the code "Shrd" for "Sharada,

What is then different with the code "Sind" (whose name is "Khudawadi,
Sindhi" in English and also has several alternatives) ?

Same question about the code "Mroo" (for "Mro, Mru"), or for "Dupl"
("Duployan shorthand, Duployan stenography"), "Narb" ("Old North
Arabian (Ancient North Arabian)")... There are others with alternate
names for which there's no defined property value alias, but still
many others for which there's an alias defined, even though their name
is simple (single word) and without alternatives.

I thought that property value aliases were only needed for
compatibility of codes used in the UCD with the ISO 15924 standard,
and that no other property value aliases would be needed now (only the
script code would be used in the UCD). In that case, your recent
update was not even needed.

2012/2/7 Michael Everson <>:
> For Unicode 6.1, Property Value Aliases have been added. See
> Michael Everson
> Registrar, ISO 15924
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