Detailed description of every Arabic character in Unicode (U+252; U+6E1)

From: CE Whitehead <>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 15:44:19 -0500

Hi, Bahman:
I'm not Arabic and certainly don't speak Urdu but sometime back there was a discussion about the jazm character and the sukun
and I lifted the following information from it:

From: Bahman Eslami <>

Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 22:17:04 +0330

> Hi,

> I'm developing a typeface that contains most of arabic Unicode > characters (farsi, urdu, sindhi & etc) and I need to see how they are

> used in a text/context, so I'll be able to make informed decision about

> character glyphs. for example I can't find any example that shows how

> "Arabic Year Sign" would be used in a text. If you could provide me

> detailed information of arabic characters in unicode, it would be a

> great help. specifically characters in usage in the script before their

> inclusion in digital typefaces. I also add that I red the chapter 8 of

> Unicode standard but It doesn't have any examples that shows the usage

> of characters in a text. I need something like this:


> <>

> but about the other characters like "Arabic Year Sign".

U+6E1 (Arabic jazm; display form for Arabic sukun in Q'uranic Arabic when the font does not display properly) versus U+652 (sukiun).Note: there's no specifically Urdu jazm encoded; the link to the proposal is just for a description.

(General info.)
(Proposal not accepted; but scroll through this to see samples!)
(This last is a test showing how the two characters display in actual fonts as encoded below:
<style type="text/css">

div.quranicarabic { font-family: "Tahoma"; }
div.nonquranicarabic { font-family: "Arabic Transparent, Arial Unicode MS, Lucida Sans Unicode"; }
div.urdu { font-family: Tahoma"; }</style>
<div class="quranicarabic">
<p align="left">Q'uranic Arabic (note I only show the first few characters of the word)</p>
<p lang="ar">&#x644;&#x644;&#x6E1;&#x643;</p>
<p align="left" lang="ar" dir="ltr">lil XU06E1;kaafiyiina</p>
<div class="nonquranicarabic">
<p align="left">Everyday Arabic (standard)</p>
<p lang="ar">
<p align="left" lang="ar" dir="ltr">
lil #U0652 kaafiyiina
<div class="urdu">
<p align="left">now for Urdu</p>
<p lang="ur">&#x644;&#x644;&#x652;&#x646;</p>

There are however some other fonts for displaying this character that I did not download with my fear of downloading anything!!)

Hope this helps for these characters.
--C. E.

> thanks in advance,

> Bahman

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> Bahman Eslami

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