Re: Combining latin small letters with diacritics

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2012 19:49:40 +0100

Le 5 mars 2012 18:33, Denis Jacquerye <> a écrit :
> [1] pp.19-24

I note an interesting character in your page : the « open g » used to
denote the « g dur français » show in the middle of the page on the
right. And I'm not sure how it should be encoded (as a registered
variant, or using a new character). It does not seem to match the
variant encoded for IPA (single storey only, instead of the allowed
double storey for the standard "g").

Another character is the special "z" with an extra stroke attached on
the left of the standard descender of the italic letter and used to
denote the « z doux anglais ». I'm not sure this is a cedilla or
something else.

Did I miss something ?

There are many diacritics used in that document (and probably in the
companion series of 25-pages booklets referenced at end of the text,
if there are available in that Library where you found this book),
intended to represent the phonetics with a set of symbols distinct
from IPA, not the orthography. Most of them are clearly identifiable
in Unicode, even if they may coccur in stacked pairs.
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