Re: Zero-width joiner won't join

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2012 21:10:28 +0100

I desesperately need a browser that allows displaying the list of
characters at least using numeric character references. For now it is
always unclear what is encoded in such HTML attachment, and we need to
use an external tool like "od" to see this information.

It would help if you created such documents using numeric character
references in your source for all invisible characters and format
controls instead of inserting them litterally. Because I could not
determine if these controls were controls or plain SPACE characters
(the rendering displays whitespace in all three cases in my browser).

For now the best I can do is to start using the Javascript console (to
inspect the elements in the parsed DOM), then extract the text from
the DOM into some Javascript variable, then writing a Javascript loop
to enumerate the characters found in that string with String.length()
and String.charAt(integer)

I have already requested, a long time ago, to authors of browsers to
provide such easy interface (in their DOM inspector) to enumerate
characters found in text elements or in attribute values (or even any
string that is returned and exposed via the DOM). I'm still waiting
for a response...

Le 5 mars 2012 19:25, Andreas Prilop <> a écrit :
> I think the zero-width joiner (ZWJ, U+200D) should join
> regardless of typeface. But Internet Explorer 8 won't join
> if the ZWJ is taken from another font than surrounding text.
> In MS Windows, the font Mangal contains the zero-width joiner
> but not Arabic letters. When I specify "font-family: Mangal"
> then Internet Explorer 8 takes the ZWJ from Mangal but
> Arabic letters from another font and the result is non-joining.
> See the attached file zwj.html.
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