Characters LAM and ALIF together (ligature) in Arabic

From: Escape Landsome <>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 09:08:23 +0200


I'm not quite sure this has something to do with Unicode (rather than
HTML, for instance), but I keep asking the question :

In Arabic, when writing a LAM followed by an ALIF, you have a special
ligature of the two letters

On the arab sites I consult, I see that : ασΗ

The problem is by now (in my mailer) it appears as (the ligature) +
ALIF, which is incorrect

On the website, it appears as (plain LAM) + (plain ALIF), which is incorrect too

It *ought to* appear as (ligature LA) but it doesn't

What is to be done ? What should be the Unicode sequence to write
just the ligature LA ?

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