Key Curry : Attempting to make it easy to type world languages and orthographies on the web

From: Ed Trager <>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 17:40:59 -0400

A long time in the making, I am finally making "Key Curry" public!

"Key Curry" is a web application and set of web components that allows
one to easily type many world languages and specialized orthographies
on the web. Please check it out and provide me feedback:

In addition to supporting major world languages and orthographies, I
hope that "Key Curry" makes it easy for language advocates and web
developers to provide support for the orthographies of minority
languages -- many of which are not currently supported (or are only
poorly supported) by the major operating system vendors.

Under the hood, the software uses a javascript user interface
framework that I wrote called "Gladiator Components" along with the
popular "jQuery" javascript library as a foundation. I have used HTML
5 technologies such as localStorage to implement certain features.

Currently, Key Curry appears to work well in the latest versions of
Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on devices with standard QWERTY
keyboards (e.g. laptops, desktop computers, netbooks, etc.). Recent
versions of Opera and Internet Explorer version 9 appear to have bugs
which limit the ability of Key Curry to operate as designed. The app
is not likely to work well on older versions of any browser. I have
not yet tested IE 10 on Windows 8.

Although Key Curry appears to load flawlessly on the very few Android
and Apple iOS tablet and/or mobile devices that I have "dabbled" with,
the virtual keyboards on those devices are very different from
physical keyboards and I have not yet investigated that problem area
at all - so don't expect it to work on your iPad or other mobile

Constructive criticism and feedback is most welcome. I have many
additional plans for Key Curry "in the works" - but I'll leave further
commentary to another day!

- Ed
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