Re: Key Curry : Attempting to make it easy to type world languages and orthographies on the web

From: Richard Wordingham <>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 20:16:12 +0100

On Tue, 17 Apr 2012 17:40:59 -0400
Ed Trager <> wrote:

Please check it out and provide me feedback:

My quick look was done on Ubuntu 10.04 using Firefox 11.0 Canonical-1.0
with a UK keyboard, with the mapping set to GB keyboard unless
otherwise advised.

1. It would be nice if the Key Curry windows could be
dragged outside of the browser window - my natural desire is not to
clutter the browser window with a keyboard.

Tests with Thai keyboard selected in Key Curry:
2. On the Thai keyboard map, U+0E03 KHO KHUAT is misdisplayed on the
rubout key - it should be on the US keyboard key for '\'. (The same
problem has been cloned to the Lanna keyboard, and somehow also to
the Lao keyboard.)

3. Thai combining characters are misdisplayed in all the keyboard
maps I've looked at - presumably a problem with rendering systems
declining to display them on U+25CC when explicitly requested to.
(Does TUS need to say something about the display of U+25CC and
combining characters?) I get a big dotted circle followed by a small
dotted circle displaying the combining character.

4. Typing with a Thai (Kesmanee) keyboard (via X) got some bizarre
results, presumably because of the problem that browsers still don't
return key identifications properly. For example, typing the key
physically labelled '2' produced U+0E1D FO FA, presumably because on
the Thai keyboard that is the key for '/', and the key physically
labelled '/' on my UK keyboard produces FO FA when the keyboard mapping
is set to Thai in X.

Inspection of Lanna Keyboard:
5. How should I enter the number 67 in Tham digits? Entering () yields
the dotted circle. Is entering and deleting a character between them
the only method?

6. Having a way of viewing the 2-key keymaps would be useful.

7. So far as I am aware, what appear to be U+0E4F THAI CHARACTER
FONGMAN and U+0E5B THAI CHARACTER KHOMUT serving as punctuation in a
Lanna text have not been declared to be glyph variants of U+1AA4 TAI
THAM SIGN HOY and U+1AAC TAI THAM SIGN HANG. It would therefore be
useful to have them.

8. Double width ASCII punctuation is probably desirable for the
use of the Lanna script in Sipsongpanna - SIL New Tai Lue fonts have
recently added it for the New Tai Lue variant of the script, and I soon
encountered it when googling for New Tai Lue text.

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