Hangul: Middle Korean

From: Ben Monroe <bendono_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 11:28:57 +0900


I have a need to input Middle Korean hangul.
While individual consonants and vowels are encoded, Modern Korean is
typically encoded in pre-composed form.
For Middle Korean, I cannot find pre-composed consonants.
Should it be encoded as individual consonants / vowels?
And if so, could someone please point me to fonts (free or otherwise)
that can handle the display?

A few examples of what I am looking for:

mol 'horse': (m) + (o) + (l).
Should be stacked from top to bottom.
The vowel o (U+318D) is now obsolete.

kozolh 'autumn': (k) + (o) + (z) + (o) + (l) + (h).
Should be two composed characters: ko + zolh.
In ko, stacked from top to bottom.
In zolh, stacked from top to bottom as z + o + lh.
The lh is composed left to right.
The consonant z (U+317F) and vowel o are now obsolete.

Many Middle Korean words include consonants that are still used today.
For example, azo 'younger brother' is two consonants a + zo.
The initial a is written as , the same as in Modern Korean.
When written along with the following -zo (see above), is it
appropriate for a to remain pre-composed () or should it be
decomposed ( and ).

Please advise on appropriate encoding method and display options.
I am using a Windows 7 system.

Ben Monroe
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