Re: Unicode 6.2 to Support the Turkish Lira Sign

From: Johannes Bergerhausen <>
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 22:00:08 +0200

Am 23.05.2012 um 12:07 schrieb Michael Everson:

> The basis for disunification is that it is a major glyph change, making it quite different from a character which is already ridiculously confusable with the pound sign. Moreover, like the RUPEE SIGN and the INDIAN RUPEE SIGN, the existing LIRA SIGN could be used for other (formerly used) lire (Italy, Malta, San Marino, Syria, Lebanon, the Vatican City, Israel) and the new glyph would be inappropriate for all of those.


Turkey has decided to use it. We should respect this.

Johannes Bergerhausen
Received on Wed May 23 2012 - 15:01:13 CDT

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