Re: Plese add a Chinese Hanzi

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 19:47:16 +0200

2012/5/29 David Starner <>:
> On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 10:05 AM, Doug Ewell <> wrote:
>> I think there's a little more to getting a new character encoded than this.
> Yes, but it would be nice if there were some way for people to get
> their characters encoded. As far as I can tell, my combining up tack
> above has disappeared without an official response, and I don't know
> what to do, or even if there is anything I can feasibly do, to get it
> through the system.

There is also the danger that the actual name used in Chinese may be a
trademark : lots of species only exist because they are the result of
a selection or hybridation. This is true in aquariophily where they
are pateiently selected for their beauty, or for their resistance to
some common deceases, or for their behavior (aquariophiles will want
to know which species are compatible they don't want their fishes to
eat themselves !) or because they are easier to bread (and they won't
eat the vegetal decorations in aquariums, or will not be intoxicated
by eating them or by subproducts of these plants). They will also want
to know how they can be reproduced and their rate of reproduction.

So these names (or transcriptions, even if this is made with
sinograms) may not be eligible for encoding, even if they look,
superficially, used in the "vernacular" language of aquariophiles.
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