Re: Exact positioning of Indian Rupee symbol according to Unicode Technical Committee

From: Christopher Fynn <>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 00:03:04 +0600

On 29/05/2012, Pravin Satpute <> wrote:
> I have not heard any news regarding mapping Rupee symbol on US English
> layout. I think US International keyboard layout is right one for
> discussion. [3]

The US International keyboard layout is for a "102 key"
(International) keyboard. But all the keyboards I've seen sold in
India seem to be the usual US "101 key" type. So putting the Rupee
symbol on a "102 key" type International keyboard would be of little
benefit to the public there, unless hardware suppliers in India can be
persuaded to supply the "102 key" type of keyboard as standard.

The obvious place to locate the Rupee symbol on such a keyboard would
be where the Pound Sterling symbol is located on the standard UK
keyboard which is a "102 key" international type.

- C
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