Re: Plese add a Chinese Hanzi

From: John H. Jenkins <>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 10:41:25 -0600

Making a proposal directly to the IRG isn't possible under the present procedures. What's usually done for this kind of thing is to have the UTC propose them.

Andrew West <> 於 2012年5月30日 上午8:14 寫道:

> I personally think that rather than add characters such as this
> piecemeal, it would be more useful if someone or some organization
> could research what newly devised, unencoded characters are in use in
> biology, chemistry, etc., and make a proposal to encode them all,
> either via the Chinese national body or directly to IRG. Characters
> used in modern scientific literature should be considered urgent use,
> in my opinion, and encoded sooner rather than later.

Hoani H. Tinikini
John H. Jenkins
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