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From: Doug Ewell <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 18:25:19 -0600

This would be a great resource for developing a flags code, as Philippe
suggested earlier, an idea I actually think has quite a bit of merit.
However, I'm not sure it has much relevance to character encoding. It's
not that hard to imagine encoding 220 or so current national flags or
placeholders, but you wouldn't want to expand this to, say, tens of

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Let's not forget the largest collection of flags collected on the web
: Flags of the World, maintained since lots of years (initially via
Usenet before the Internet we know today). All other references are
found there, including the International Association of Vexillologal
Association (IAVA), that should be involved in the project of building
and maintaining a registry of flag codes.
The FOTW seb site has always had several domains, some disappearing,
but mirrored together. This one is the most stable : 
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