Re: Flag tags

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2012 02:28:43 +0200

That's why I just propose an external registry rather then a direct
encoding of individual flags.

A naming convention (using namespace prefixes) could be used to make
sure that the common codes from ISO 3166-1 will be usable.

I'm not sure that the CLDR TC is currently competent to develop such a
registry, but it may work along with the IAVA to develop the naming
convention for use in the registry (which could be hosted by IAVA or
by Unicode. To be decided later.

The CLDR TC would be involved in the development of the registry
rules, for its stability.

2012/6/1 Doug Ewell <>:
> This would be a great resource for developing a flags code, as Philippe
> suggested earlier, an idea I actually think has quite a bit of merit.
> However, I'm not sure it has much relevance to character encoding. It's not
> that hard to imagine encoding 220 or so current national flags or
> placeholders, but you wouldn't want to expand this to, say, tens of
> thousands.
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