RE: Latin chi and stretched x

From: Peter Constable <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2012 05:21:20 +0000

If SignWriting were encoded as per N4090 and I were implementing text display support for those characters, I would not allow any of the SignWriting display controls to itemize together with characters of any other script. I.e., I would explicitly not support any of the effects you describe involving Latin or other scripts.


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From: Jean-François Colson
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Subject: Re: Latin chi and stretched x

Le 07/06/12 23:05, Julian Bradfield a écrit :
> David Starner wrote:
>> . It
>> has caused some whimpering among those trying to transcribe the text.
> Urk! And there's rotated "s" as well.
> Alright, I take it back. There is no limit to the barminess of script
> inventors.
> Obviously what we need are combining marks whose visual effect
> is reversing/rotating the previous glyph. No, I didn't say that, I
> really didn't say that...

You did! You’re guilty!

15 rotation characters have already been proposed for signwriting:
Look at page 4. If those characters could be applied to Latin letters,
we’d have:
ʁ = ʀ + SWR13
ᴙ = ʀ + SWR9
ᴚ = ʀ + SWR5
ᴝ = u + SWR3
ᴟ = m + SWR7

That would be very practical. However, we’d still miss combining marks
for superscripts, subscripts, smallcaps or combining letters.

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