Re: Mandombe

From: Stephan Stiller <>
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2012 03:42:27 -0700

> A very interesting script indeed. (Never heard of it before).
> While the shape andsc the impression it does is quite intriguing and
> fascinating, I'd think that it's rather impractical to write actually.

Thank you. That's indeed the elephant in the room. Writing systems
differ /hugely/ in their practicability. Criteria like

  * ease of being handwritten
  * ease of being typed
  * speed of being read
  * likelihood of confusion of individual characters/letters/symbols (in
    either production or recognition)
  * 1-to-1-ness of the mapping between orthographic representation and
    phoneme string

seem to rarely be considered as design criteria. I never understood
this. Discussions with people used to a particular writing system tend
to reveal the lack of critical thinking applied to such issues.

Incidentally, it seems like strict geometric shapes pose a particular
problem for handwriting. Letter sets with lots of /strict/ right angles
and the like or with angles in certain directions (seemingly generated
through "symmetrically motivated" design) are often not easy to produce
by hand.

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