Re: Unicode Core

From: Julian Bradfield <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 07:22:34 +0100

Asmus wrote:
>The Unicode Standard easily uses hundreds of fonts for the code charts,
>from a variety of sources. Despite what should "theoretically" work, not
>all systems can actually print every code chart. Some users cannot print
>certain of the existing PDFs on their systems, and POD providers have
>similar issues. The Unicode code charts provide a very nice "stress
>test" for some aspects of rendering, it turns out.
>So, as long as code charts create production issues, print-on-demand for
>them is effectively not feasible.

My hard-copy of the code charts was printed by Lulu - they're too big
to print out on my office laserprinters!
The only issue was joining together the fonts that had been split up
when the charts were split into separate PDFs; but the Consortium
wouldn't have that problem, as it would just generate the entire PDF
as one document. (And unlike me, the Consortium probably has

>The standard annexes exist in HTML format. For Unicode 5.0, I took the

That's more of an issue - I hadn't realized the annexes were actually
composed in HTML - I'd assumed they were written in a high-level
markup language and the HTML generated.

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