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From: Ken Whistler <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 10:09:15 -0700

On 6/21/2012 11:22 PM, Julian Bradfield wrote:
>> So, as long as code charts create production issues, print-on-demand for
>> >them is effectively not feasible.
> My hard-copy of the code charts was printed by Lulu - they're too big
> to print out on my office laserprinters!
> The only issue was joining together the fonts that had been split up
> when the charts were split into separate PDFs; but the Consortium
> wouldn't have that problem, as it would just generate the entire PDF
> as one document. (And unlike me, the Consortium probably has
> Distiller.)

To echo what Michael said here, the editors are looking into this.

We did, in fact, do the work to volumize the entire set of charts, including
all of CJK, for POD, and even made volume covers and title pages.
However, it turned out that Lulu had production issues for at least some
of those volumes. So at the last minute we had to limit the POD to
just the core specification, which didn't cause printing problems.

It was an interesting experiment, and we learned some lessons from it.
But we simply do not have the bandwidth to finish wrestling with it for
Unicode 6.1 right now. (The Unicode 6.2 beta is underway, and the people
involved with charts need to focus on getting Unicode 6.2 charts prepared.)

I anticipate that once Unicode 6.2 is done, the editors may take another
crack at this, and manage to create volumes for charts with settings that
won't make Lulu production printers crash and burn. But all in good time.

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