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On 10 Jul 2012, at 20:02, Satyakam Phukan wrote:

> Similarity in the image of different letters does not mean they represent the same entity.

It does when ALL of the letters are the same.

> The letters of Greek, Latin and Cyrillic having similar forms prove that.

I have already pointed out to you that only ONE letter is identical in capital and lower case in these three scripts, and that is the letter Oo, Οο, Оо.

The letter Aa is Аа in Cyrillic but Αα in Greek.
The letter Bb isn't the same as either Вв or Ββ.
The letter Ee is Ее in Cyrillic but Εε in Greek.
The letter Hh isn't the same as Ии or Ηη.
The letter Ii is Ii in Cyrillic but Ιι in Greek.
The letter Kk isn't the same as Кк or Κκ.
The letter Mm isn't the same as Мм or Μμ.
The letter Nn isn't the same as Greek Νν.
The Cyrillic letter Пп isn't the same as Greek Ππ.
The Cyrillic letter Рр isn't the same as Greek Ρρ.
The letter Tt isn't the same as Тт or Ττ.
The letter Yy isn't the same as Уу or Υυ.
The letter Xx is Хх in Cyrillic but Χχ in Greek.
The letter Zz isn't the same as Зз or Ζζ.

Only one letter, Oo, Οο, Оо. is the same in the three scripts.

> Just the ability to be able to type the letters in its form is not all.

Of course it is. And people printing newspapers and books and magazines in Assam are *already* using Unicode to do it.

> They have to be represented correctly in all the codes, charts, blocks, ranges etc maintained by all responsible international organisations leaving no room for any grievances.

No, they don't. You see, as I told you, we CANNOT CHANGE CHARACTER NAMES. So we will not be changing BENGALI to something else. And, as I told you, we will not encode Assamese as a duplicate mostly-identical script to Bengali just because of its name.

> I think I have told all I wanted to tell and conveyed all I wanted to convey. The matter is supposed to come before the Unicode Consortium through Government or other channels let it be decided then. They can accept or reject ideas, decisions can again be challenged in other forums, it will go on till it ends.

It should end now. You should be listening to the experts here all of whom have said pretty much what I have said, though some of them have said it less bluntly.

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