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Satyakam Phukan <sphukan2011 at yahoo dot co dot uk> wrote:

> Just the ability to be able to type the letters in its form is not
> all. They have to be represented correctly in all the codes, charts,
> blocks, ranges etc maintained by all responsible international
> organisations leaving no room for any grievances.

They are already maintained correctly. Whether the block or the
characters have the word BENGALI in their names is not relevant.

You will never find an international standard, or standards
organization, or government, that leaves "no room for any grievances."
People will always find something to complain about.

But at least in this case, there is no technical problem to be solved.
There is a script that happens to be called "Bengali" which is commonly
used to write both the Bengali language and the Assamese language (and
others). The script is encoded in Unicode such that it can be used to
write both languages in their entirety. No evidence has been presented
of any technical problems with the existing encoding of this script.
That is all that matters here.

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