Re: Sinhala naming conventions

From: Martin J. Dürst <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012 12:09:43 +0900

On 2012/07/11 11:04, Mark E. Shoulson wrote:

> Ever start to feel that we would have been better off not to give
> official descriptive names at all? Or else really vague ones like
> "LETTERLIKE THINGY NUMBER 5412"? So much blood-pressure raised over the
> names...

I'm feeling that way since about the mid-1990ies, since I discovered
that for CJK Ideograms, there is a cop-out of
"CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH 4E00" and so on. It's also the only place where
numerals are allowed in character names.

Regards, Martin.
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