Re: Emoticon seen in the wild!

From: Jukka K. Korpela <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 13:50:33 +0300

2012-07-26 13:04, Andre Schappo kirjoitti:

> Not emoticon but …….
> I received an email from Email Insider. Email was written as E✉ail
> ✉ being U+2079
> I thought it quite clever

U+2079 is SUPERSCRIPT NINE “⁹”. I suppose you meant U+2709 ENVELOPE “✉”,
an old (Unicode 1.0.0) dingbat (which now has variation sequences for
producing text vs. emoji style).

I don’t find a mix of letters and symbols particularly clever. Symbols
are generally supposed to stand for concepts, ideas, or words on their
own, not mixed with letters. The symbol “✉” alone means something,
though I find it disturbingly vague and odd: it is based on an image of
a physical envelope, used for sending physical letters via a postal
delivery system, yet it most often denotes something that is completely
different: a modern (and effective) competitor of postal delivery,
so-called “electronic mail”. But mixing this with words, arbitrarily
replacing a letter in the word “email” by the symbol, might fall into
the “funny” category, but not the “clever” category (even as a
subcategory of “funny”).

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